Sergey Tolmachev

Java and Scala programmer, I take out things from high shelves and do it with pleasure


Education at EPAM Systems

Software developement on the Java platform


The program generates a set of knowledge and skills that meet the qualifications of engineering software development on the Java platform industrial level. The program forms the knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: industrial production process software development process, technological aspects of the software development platform Java. The program consists of thematic modules, which form a systematic approach to solving the problems of software development platform Java.

Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

Software computer technology


The specifically tailored to work in the areas of databases, intelligent software systems, multimedia technologies and software systems for various applications. Students receive basic training in mathematics, develop technology of structural, procedural and modular, functional, object-oriented parallel and visual programming. Graduates of 230105 - is highly skilled programmers for organizations and businesses.

My way was launched


My first project was launched - Bitcoin online exchange. A few months to support the project was carried out hundreds of operations, service is not just covered in the popular media as one of the first bitcoin services in Russia, taking bitcoins. I decided to get deeper into the programming and the fate of the project passed to other hands.

Education at EPAM Systems

December 2012 - May 2013

My first real experience of working in an office. Excellent office, new computers, and most importantly - a good team that can and should be developed. I began to feel confident in the field of enterprise web development, with the help of his comrades. Nick, Max, Cyril, hello! :)

Java/Scala developer at Aspect systems

Декабрь 2012 - Май 2013

My first real experience of working in an office. Excellent office, new computers, and most importantly - a good team that can and should be developed. I began to feel confident in the field of enterprise web development, with the help of his comrades. Nick, Max, Cyril, hello! :)

Youth Entrepreneurship School


An interesting project, I have learned a lot of interesting information, get to know the nicest potential and real entrepreneurs. Once we implement everything, you just have to believe.

NodeJS developer at iAge

December 2013 - February 2014

I was researching the storage Auditorius to start the project, is now a major player on the RTB market. Tested different performance data warehousing, picking up a desired task. Vitally ;)

Java/Scala developer at AppCraft Lab

February 2014 - February 2015

During this exciting 3 year developed Android mobile application and a pair of backend applications for mobile, learned to enter into contracts and make acts to hold bills and work with government by the contract. Got experience developing in Java and Scala was able to apply in the development of one of them. By this time, I begin to realize that my passion - Backend applications that like to write the logic, rather than user interfaces. Sasha ;)

Scala developer at Data-Centric Alliance (DCA), Facetz team

February 2015 - February 2016

I was engaged in the support and development of Map-Reduce tasks, loaded REST services and Realtime Systems analysts using Akka. Big Data - it was a new field for me and I would not say that it is very interesting to me. In all this it was interesting optimization problems of loaded services, but it was not interested to solve problems of ETL, which mostly occur in this area. Misha, Olyas, Artems, hello!

Scala developer at XPost

February 2016 - October 2016

Together with the excellent experts participated in the development of architecture and implementation sharpened for big load backoffice system of trading platform. I learned a lot! Vova, Serge, Marina ;)

Scala developer at Waves platform

October 2016 - ...

Now I am engaged in the development and support of Blockchain Waves platform platform. Since 2011 was interesting blockchain and projects associated with it, and I'm happy to come back and dive into work on such an ambitious platform. This is Opensource project with rather big community platform users, which only adds challenges and interest. Here, I knew better, and the general theory of cryptography of blockchain systems and it is very cool. Dream team! :D

Geek and freelancer throughout life

18 июля 1992 - ∞

All my life I have different undermining and pet projects. I wrote in php / basic / pascal / c # / go / ruby ​​/ c ++ / qt / kotlin / js / lua / bat / bash / delphi /.../ ???, doing a lot of interesting thingsЖ from tutoring to develop mobile applications running for Windows Mobile 2005 with 1C integration and web applications for OpenWRT on Scala, laptop BIOS patching, APK application patching and Android firmware without sources, created the engine Warcraft 2 mod for WM6, restored the firmware of different devices on the serial port and all the other geeks perversion.


Using a suitable development methodology

My experience in the development of object-oriented languages for more than five years. Now I'm sure I know the answer to the question: "The object is different from the class?" :) Also, I use the functionality that Scala has brought in my job, I try to write as short, simple and clear code to other developers. After all, the less code, the easier it is to maintain it afterwards.

More responsibility

In many projects, particularly freelance, I speak not only as a developer, but as devops and consultant. I'm no better than your favorite admin can deploy cluster of 500 machines, but I can fully deploy the architecture developed by the project to me AWS / DigitalOcean / AnyVPS, configure the backup database, operating system and monitoring of key metrics. I participated in many projects in different roles, I have seen the development and support from a variety of angles. If I had not done before it is something I can always understand. So I can be responsible for all technical aspects of your project. I'm sure of it :)

I am open to everything new!

I try to keep up with modern approaches and technologies in software development. I catch food for the mind of articles, books, documentation, blogs, meetups and conferences. Please contact me in advance and we can talk on any event or online.

I try not to forget for whom we make the programs

In solving problems, I try to look at them with a critical eye. "Why is it necessary to do?" "If it can cause any harm or inconvenience, then you really want me to do it?" Do not be surprised to hear these questions from me. I'm doing what I should, but I try to think about it. And do not forget to mention individually, if you are not interested in this my questions :D




    Bitcoin to rubles exchange service.

  • SmartCraft


    Bot for the automatic creation of items in the MMORPG game.

  • TEP


    Custom trigger extender plugin - a plugin for parsing Advanced Combat Tracker, greatly enhances the user triggers.

  • EQ2 Auction Log Reader

    С++ (Qt)

    Parser for large log files of MMORPG game.


Feel free to contact - this is the key to personal and professional success!